Best Car gadgets you will need

The 6 Best Car Gadgets You Need For Your Next Trip

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We spend a lot time decorating our room, bathroom, and our kitchen of course. I think it is time we start showing our cars some love too. This article aims to give you some suggestions how to do that. If you love traveling as much as me, you will need to know ‘The 6 Best Car Gadgets You Need For Your Next Trip’.

6 Featured Car Gadgets You Need

CarAIDE Multifunctional

6 Car Finds You Will Love

This multifunctional CarAIDE tool can be used for a plethora of reasons that will definitely come in handy. This device is a powerful jump starter. It packs enough power to be able to jump 0ver 80% of vehicles. This gadget also works as a dual USB power bank. So, users can charge their phones and other devices. It works as a 300-lumen light, compass, thermometer, hook, emergency rope, emergency alarm, seat belt cutter and industrial magnet. Not to mention, you can use this heavy duty item to break your window or cut your seatbelt in emergency situations. This gadget can be useful on any trip in the car.

ROAV Viva Pro

6 Car Finds You Will Love

Oh, this is not a simple car charger. The ROAV Viva Pro does so much more ! This device is Alexa-enabled. This gadget gives you complete voice control of your car. You can now tell Alexa play music, shop online, and more. The device contains 2 integrated microphones for noise cancellation for a more accurate voice identification. Dual charging ports give the users crazy charging speeds to the driver and their passenger.

Vehicle Headrest Monitor

6 Car Finds You Will Love

Looking for a new way to entertain your guest on a long trip ? Check out these easy-to-install XTRONS headrest monitor that have screens implanted in them for your back seat riders. This gadgets come with a DVD player where you can watch all your favorite movies. It doesn’t stop there, these monitors come with HDMI. So , all your gaming systems and your phone can be shared for everyone to enjoy. You have the ability to watch movies or listen to music together. No? Well, with separate earphones and remotes you can enjoy your own show or music. We all know how fancy these items look. So for protection against theft, they come with screen cover to mirror standard seating covers. Icing on the cake, it comes with 1 year warranty and technical support.

For my entertainment lovers, I made sure I added this to the list of “The 6 Best Car Gadgets For Your Next Trip” !

Keep in mind these are not universal headrest monitors. If interested in those, check out our store.

Spectrum Smart OBD

The Spectrum Smart OBD is fitted with a pre-installed SIM from ATT that offers a load of features. All you have to do is plug it in and you will have access to WIFI, tracking, email and text alerts, maintenance checks, and more. You can also track the speed, mileage, and even reckless driving. Not to mention, you can get alerts of all of those things. Keep in mind, you will have to pay a monthly payment to keep this device active and connected to the internet. For families who always seem to be on highways and don’t want to burn up data, I’m sure this is a car find you will love.

Whistler Laser Radar Detector

This gadget offers 360-degree complete perimeter protection against lasers. It detects signals from all sides. Its detection capabilities are impervious to any radar gun. This means you can cruise without being unaware of police presence. You will be able to detect police scanners even when they are in hiding spots or camped out of sight. This is definitely a must for those with lead-foots or

NOCO Boost XL GB50 Jump Starter Box

The NOCO jump starter has the ability to jump start a dead batter within seconds ! It can perform 30 jump starts on a single charge. Just make sure you make the right connections and let this gadget save you. It is also multifunctional where it can be used as a power bank and LED flashlight, which offers 7 light modes. No doubt this will come in handy.

I hope this article helped everyone who is looking to add some pizazz to their automobile. All these gadgets may not be necessary for the integrity of your car. Although, they can be extremely convenient and entertaining. Make sure you visit out store and subscribe for more alerts !