September Amazon Finds

Our Top Amazon Finds of September 2021 Edition

To kick-off our entry into the blogging world,  the creation of a series seemed to be unavoidable. So, I will be introducing ‘Our Top Amazon Finds’ which will post every month. So without further ado let’s get to it. The gadgets we put together this month will surely satisfy all of our car-lovers and homeowners. So let us get on with our ‘Greatest September finds on Amazon 2021 Edition’.

Portable Monitor

Lepow Portable Monitor

This high powered portable monitor is more convenient than it may seem. The Lepow Portable Monitor ($219.99) is available with a $30 off coupon currently. This lightweight monitor is perfect for business and entertainment. This screen is compact and offers great resolution, color, and functionality. It is easy to carry, use, and enjoy.
Comparable portable monitor from Lepow available for 169.99 with coupon, click here.

Very good sRGB color coverage

Compact and lightweight

Convenient priced for a portable monitor

Wide viewing angles

Tested brightness well short of its rating

Poorly placed OSD control wheel

One-year warranty requires registration for extension

Mini PC Stick

Mini PC Stick

Now, who wouldn’t want a tiny computer that can fit in their pocket. The MeLe Fanless Mini PC Stick is extremely portable, even while traveling. They are perfect media hubs. As long as you have a screen, you can run Windows from anywhere. It is equipped with an ethernet port, Bluetooth, and an antenna for better Wi-Fi reception. Now you can surf the web easier than you ever thought !

To check current price, click here.


MMB Amazon

MMB Wireless Apple Carplay

Ever wondered how cool it would be to watch Netflix in your car? Well can you do that and many more. This Multimedia box, that connects directly to your vehicle, has the ability to stream YouTube, HBO Max, read USB, and allows Wireless Carplay. Make sure you do your own due diligence to make sure it is compatible for your vehicle.

If interested in a more detailed review, click here.

That was our, ‘Top Amazon finds of September 2021 Edition’, this list may not be the longest. Although, these items are definitely extremely useful and create a little pizazz in daily life. Subscribe to get notifications every time a blog is posted !