Coolest Gadgets You Will Find On Amazon in 2021

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I have experienced a lot of of items I love. Among those, I found a few that were extremely interesting and different from what we would look for. These gadgets no doubt may be items you probably never knew existed. Don’t worry, it’s nothing wrong with being late to the party. Let me introduce you to the ‘Coolest Gadgets You Will Find On Amazon in 2021’.

Laser Projection Keyboard

Coolest Gadgets You Will Find On Amazon in 2021

The Laser Projection Keyboard projects a laser that allows you to use surface as a keyboard. This gadget allows you to easily pair with your personal items such as iPad, iPhones, etc. This device is very portable is good for those on the go and wanted to add some gadgets to their collection. Users can also switch this laser to ‘Mouse Mode’. So, you can have all mouse functionality.

Check out this video to see how it works !

Daybetter Smart Light Bulbs

Coolest Gadgets You Will Find On Amazon in 2021

Ever wanted the capability of turning your light on and without getting up off your couch, table, or bed? With these light bulbs you can completely control from an application on your phone. These Bulbs also work with Alexa and Google Home Assistant. ” Alexa, turn on my bathroom light.” How cool is that ! These light bulbs can also be set a specific time. You can put these bulbs pull down a timer. So, they will turn on and off on the time it is set. Theses light bulbs can change color and brightness. The dimming range goes from 100% to 1% giving the user complete control over their item

For a demonstration on how it works watch this video.

The Airbar

Coolest Gadgets You Will Find On Amazon in 2021

Plug this gadget directly into your laptop and enjoy touchscreen on your computer. This device works with most notebooks that have Windows 10 with a 15.6 screen size. With this device, you have all the functionality you would on a regular touchscreen. Which is tapping, swiping, pinching, zooming , and rotating.

For more dimensions that may suit your needs, check out the Airbar site.

This video will show you how it works !

Scanmarker Air Pen Scanner

Coolest Gadgets You Will Find On Amazon in 2021

The Scanmarker Air Pen seems is such a impressive gadget. We had to introduce it again. This product is before it’s time. You can press this device on text and it will translate it to your connected device. It will also read the text back as well. It has the ability to scan and translate over 40 languages.

For a demonstration, check out this video. I promise you will agree this is one of the coolest gadgets you will find on Amazon.

iHome Retractable Charger

Something so simple, although, it is still very convenient and cool. This gadget features a 4 ft long cord. Where, you can simply retract and lengthen. It also features multiple outlets to support multiple device.

Retractable Car Charger

If you are anything like me, you do not like wires all over you car. This gadget will eliminate messy cables with the retractable charging cables. Along with the iPhone and Android charging cable. It features additional dual outlets to plug in additional chargers.

Stand-Alone Retractable Chargers

Feel free to plug this compact charger anywhere. It also is compatible with all types of phones. These can be plugged in your vehicle, home, and anywhere with a USB port. It is very convenient and neat for those who does not enjoy messy wires.


These small trackers allows users to find their items and devices in find my app. Put these in your wallet, on your keys, or any valuables and ensure you will not ever lose that item again. This device also plays a sound to help find your items. This makes it that much easier to find. Tap it with your phone and you are all set up !

Vector Robot by Anki

Vector Robot is a companion created to mingle. He has his own personality and can be engaged by sound, touch, and sight. This robot can take photos, talk, and answer questions. Vector is compatible with Alexa and can unlock many other features when connected with the Voice Assistant. This robot is packed with many tricks and exciting features.

Check Vector out here below.

Although, this was the first of it’s kind. It is not the last time we will inform you on the coolest gadgets you can find on Amazon. If you love these items as much as we did, check out the STORE for more featured items.