Our Amazon Favorites of 2021

In this article, our team will be sharing the most trendy and fun Amazon favorites of 2021. If you ever have pondered ” what are the best amazon products?” You have landed in the right place. Because we will be sharing all the Amazon products you need. So now to our list of Amazon favorites of 2021.


To kick off our Amazon favorites of 2021, The XGIMI Halo is a truly portable projector that can turn any room into a movie theatre. It features an immersive sound system, and it can last for up to 10 hours


Bright on battery


Has full range of features

Software issues

Autofocus can be aggressive

Dark scene problems

Our Amazon Favorites of 2021

The Halo is a stylish and compact monitor that can be used anywhere. It features a clean and compact design that makes it stand out from the crowd. This projector is available for purchase for $799. Although, there is a promotion where consumers can get a extra $80 dollars off !

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For a less expensive option, the XGIMI MoGo PRO is a very comparable projector for $499.99

Mesh Force Wi-Fi System 

Meshforce’s M3s Mesh Wi-Fi System is an upgraded version of the M1 and M3 that provides better coverage and more powerful wireless networking for home and office. It’s capable of supporting up to 60 devices.


Coverage area of up to 4,000 sq. ft.

Fast Dual-band AC1200

WiFi Supports 60+ devices

Requires app for any changes to the network

Our Amazon Favorites of 2021

Wireless technology is great for home networking and is often cheaper than range extenders. The MeshForce M3 Wi-Fi system from TP-Link is a good value for its features and performance. Its app lets you set up and manage your network.


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Simply attach your device to the DJI OM 4 and enjoy the freedom to shoot wherever you are. The magnetic phone holder and removable ring holder are designed to allow you to easily capture images and videos.



Excellent battery life

Magnetic clamp makes it easy to switch between phones

Android and iOS apps offer inconsistent performance

Clamp doesn’t play well with volume rockers on some phones

Battery can’t be removed or replaced

Our Amazon Favorites of 2021

The OM 4 is a good basic gimbal for anyone who uses an iPhone. It’s very easy to use, and it has plenty of features to offer.

One of the keys to great video is steady camerawork. The DJI OM 4 uses a unique algorithm to provide a stable, high-quality video recording experience.

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Smart button pusher for your smart home. Supports Press mode/Switch mode. With the included Add-on sticker, switch mode helps to turn your light on/off.


Easy to install

Battery life


No toggle or sequence

Limited force


Our Amazon Favorites of 2021
The SwitchBots are small yet sturdy, and they have a box-shaped design. Their mechanical arm is attached to a about any switch. These are ideal for people like me who dread having to get up after forgetting to turn the light off when getting in bed. 


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Joyzis Portable Power Station

This portable power supply is said to be the most reliable backup battery power station for your home.



Easy to carry

Great for short trips

Wireless charging eliminates need for extra cables

Solar support

Won’t support power-hungry devices

No LED display for output monitoring

Additional adapters needed for solar charging

Two onboard LED flashlights seems like overkill

Limited application due to small size

Feels like a toy when compared to larger units

Our Amazon Favorites of 2021

For outdoor enthusiasts who can’t go without electricity but prefer to travel light, an ultra-portable power station might be the solution. While not as high-capacity as larger units, these smaller-sized power banks offer more than you’d get with a low-wattage pocket unit. Many of these units provide solar charging and are great for day trips, emergencies, van camping, and tailgating.

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This list is a short collection of the items we love from Amazon. Although, our favorite Amazon finds of 2021 is not completely done. There is more content available to you that I am sure you will like. Check out our blog and store for more content. 

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