The Best Amazon Items to Compliment Your Home

I promise I wrote this article in a effort to help individuals who may be in need of assistance with decorating. Although, I will ask that you bear with me if it seems to get a little personal. Thank you in advance.
I just sometimes wake up and dread it. It is not because I wake up at 7 a.m. everyday for work.  Honestly, my room is dreadfully boring. The same thing goes for my kitchen, bathroom, and my boring living room. So, basically overnight, I became a home designer. In this article, I will now share the items I used right off of Amazon to makeover my home ! All these items could be used to accent the décor you already have. Treat this as a guide to create the perfect home using Amazon items.


I want to start with the bedroom because, it is your castle. It is your safe place, and where you occasionally walk around naked.
I will simply give you some ideas on some little gadgets that will help spice up your room.
The Perfect Amazon Items to Compliment Your Home

The Echo Dot

This little stubby speaker is perfect for us lazy folk. It automates our whole life pretty much working as our assistant. We can tell Alexa to answer calls, check weather, play music, check who is at our doorbell, and turn on and off our light. Although, this feature is only available with SMART LIGHT BULBS. There is so much more this speaker could do for your your room and besides who doesn’t want an assistant anyway
The Perfect Amazon Items to Compliment Your Home

3D Wall Clock

This wall clock adds a little pizazz to your room, as well as, you wont have to walk around your room with a watch. This 3D Wall clock has a full set of features as well. It offers: a stopwatch, alarm, temperature, countdown, and you could change time settings from 12hr to 24hr. This bright LED clock adds flare to any room, pun intended.
Also, for more options check out these other options. Click here
The Perfect Amazon Items to Compliment Your Home

LED Lights

Now, this little gadget is more common than the wall clock, but bear with me. These lights do add a little razzle dazzle to the bedroom. Plus, you can be extremely creative with them. You can stick them on your TV outline, borders on the wall, along the walkway of the room, or if you are not a fan of spending money on utilities. you can use these in replacement of your lights. These lights are fully customizable, as far as color, and also can be controlled with Alexa. See? I told you. You will need that ECHO DOT.


Now, I don’t have many products to recommend for a bathroom. Reason being, I do not want to be responsible for any electrical incidents. Although, I do have one that will benefit your room as well and is safe, if placed in appropriate area.
The Perfect Amazon Items to Compliment Your Home

Wax Warmers

It is important to cater to the visual presentation of your room. Although, it is equally important to cater to the smell. Everyone loves a great smell. Even if one is placed in the bathroom. It tends to permeate throughout the entire room. Wouldn’t it be great to walk into your room after a long day of work, and it smells like heaven?
Here are some more options
The Perfect Amazon Items to Compliment Your Home

If interested in Hosley Cream Ceramic Electric Wax Warmer

Living Room & Other

So, the living room is where the family and friends alike collide. So, this can be argued the most important area in the house. It should be fun and exciting. Therefore, it should contain some gadgets. Lucky, you have me as a guide.

best amazon items for home

Surround Sound

Because, the living room is a place of congregation. It will usually be louder than other areas of the home. So, a good sound system is a good accent to a living room. It provides quality sound. So, you can enjoy others company and conversation and still hear the television. Maybe, I am being biased. I just love high quality, theatre sound, but this is my favorite Amazon home item.

If you are not interested in a complete sound system you should consider a sound bar.

best amazon items for home

Echo Dot (4th Gen)

Have ever walked out your room and forgot to turn off your light ? Well, with this item it is possible to access any Alexa accessory. Which makes having multiple amount of Echo Dots very convenient. Along with items such as the Ring, Firestick, etc. which I will be mentioning shortly.

best amazon items for home

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Now, it is pretty easy to understand why you will need a Fire Stick. We all love streaming. Aside from streaming the Fire stick offers many other features that tie together with other products mentioned earlier. I think being able to stream on your TV who is at your Ring doorbell is pretty darn cool. As well as using it in conjunction with the surround sound.

The Perfect Amazon Items to Compliment Your Home

Ring Doorbell

The Ring doorbell is a good thing to have because, it adds a sense of security to your home. It was more of a honorable mention in comparison to the other items listed. If this is your favorite Amazon items for you. I meant no offense.


“The heart of the house” is the famous name for the kitchen, for obvious reasons. Everyone loves a pretty kitchen. I have some ideas on how to make it even prettier.

The Perfect Amazon Items to Compliment Your Home

Stainless Steel Motion Sensor Trash

I’ll give you a hint, everything I will mention in this section will be stainless steel. Anyway, these trash cans work so well in kitchens for many reasons. One, who wants to touch a trash can? Two, the surface won’t get dirty as fast because they are not being touched.  It’s a good investment, trust me.

best amazon items for home

Stainless Steel appliances

Remember what I said about stainless steel appliances ? Yeah, that’s pretty much all you need. So, I am gonna save us both some time and just give the people what they want.

  1. Air Fryer
  2. Microwave
  3. Coffee Maker
  4. Mini Oven 

This is just a couple things you may need to spice up your kitchen.

I hope this short list of items can give you some ideas how to make your home a little more hom-ier. Don’t forget to visit for daily and weekly deals on…you know, gadgets. I am still on the hunt for the best Amazon home items. So keep up with this series.

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